If we want to remember bits and pieces of our present, it’s important to not only to preserve immediate moments in images but also make it easy to look at, either on a whim or through bumping into it every so often. Not unlike written stories, visual stories are best enjoyed glimpsed or closely studied through a printed collection - a book or an album. Over time, this physical evidence of what had been becomes a document of life, touching not just those in the pictures, but anyone looking at them.

Day in a Life (documentary) photography focuses on your family - capturing authentic, unscripted moments of daily life. These moments may be big and extraordinary or small and familiar, yet all significant to how you experience life. Interactions between parents, siblings, pets, quite moments spent in play or contemplation, going from place to place, playing sports, dancing, visiting with family, friends – visually preserving the rhythm of the family’s life is how a record of life and memories are created. 

This type of photoshoot is a great alternative to a family lifestyle session. No special time is required for planning, I will follow and photograph you in your daily activities. It is optimal for family members that object to posing - everything is meant to be photographed as it spontaneously happens. The camera is never in anyone’s face and most forget about it’s presence after a few minutes. The outcome is a story of your family in a series of photographs that reflects its’ personality and singularity.