Each time I look at the pictures, I remember that moment or that day in time and how it feels like yesterday and so long ago at the same time.
— Blake Vaknin

The purpose of the family portrait session is to create images that feel intimate and compelling, where the person is not recognized only for their physical likeness but also for how we know them. When part of a group, in a a small studio space, without environmental influences, their interactions focus only on each other. What transpires between the participants is often something very subtle yet quite revealing. It could include a small gesture, a wrinkle, a movement of the head, a side glance. These details are apparent in our day to day existence - we process, interpret them subconsciouly, and move on. But when this infomation is captured in a photograph, it stays and keeps on telling the story every time a viewer looks at it. When the photographs are about people we love, these are the stories we love to come back to. They allow us to time travel and bring back memories.