Personal Branding Photo shoot for a Business Coach

Portrait personal branding headshot photo session.jpg

This personal branding photoshoot was full of great energy, positivity, and sparks flying everywhere. My client wanted to keep white background through and through as part of the look of her brand. This made us free to play with a variety of looks we picked out prior to the session, because quite frankly, almost everything looks good on white. What she wanted the world to see is someone who is professional, friendly, approachable, and not a stranger to having a bit of fun. She posseses all these qualities in real life, it was only a matter of translating it into these photographs.
The great thing about Personal Branding Photography projects is that, together with the photographer, you get to plan and orchestrate everything required to create the look that drives the impression you intentionally aim to make on your audience. Through this process (with a bit of creativity mixed in), you are able to define and empower yourself as an integral part of your brand.