How It Really Is

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Yesterday I sat down next to another mom as our exercise class was starting, who turned to me and quickly whispered, "I want those pictures, how it really is!" A second later the music started blasting and our workout has begun.

She hit the nail on the head. Family Snapshot is all about how it really is. No dressing up, no well-behaving, smiling, and waiting for the photographer to leave. No taking turns to be in front of the camera or waiting to be finished with another picture. No following directions or worrying if your dress or face or kids, or husband or dog don't look right. No husband hating the mandatory picture taking for the holidays. Just documenting how all the elements that make up your day come together and compose your life in that moment.

Family Snapshot is a visual diary of your family with all the imperfections that make it perfect.

Who is it for? Families. Traditional and nontraditional, with pets and without, single parent or multiparent, one child or many. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, if they are a big part of your family, include them. People with whom you enjoy spending time and who are important to you.

Family Snapshot experience is for you to remember moments that go too fast and you want to remember long after. Not the polished, happy world as seen through Instagram or Facebook. It's the world as seen through your eyes, where you are a participant, a caregiver, and a vulnerable human being, as your are in real life.

What do you get at the end? Pictures of course. There is no real limit on the number. There is only a limit on the time the camera is capturing what's happening. Your family story is thoroughly curated and edited to invoke the feel of the day, people, and moments. In the end this collection of photographs will be the one you look at when you want to see real faces, expressions, and emotions.

On my end, this is the most meaningful work I have ever done. And I love it. Have questions? Reach out. Ill be happy to talk.