Sister Entrepreneurs Do a Branded Photoshoot in SOHO


A couple of months ago I had an opportunity to do a branded photoshoot with two sisters, Lucia and Alicia Civile, the owners of a marketing and branding agency, Lace Photo Media. I was asked to create images of them working together and individual portraits for their bio page and press release kit. They were recently interviewed by a blog and needed images to show not only what they looked like but how they got along as the work was getting done. Humor proved to be key to the relationship, as Alicia and Lucia divided their tasks and completed a multitude of steps to deliver their services. As we progressed through our branding session, the laughing and lightheartedness these two emanated remained fresh and geniune. Working on an entrepreneurial endeavor with a sibling may seem like a crazy idea for most of us, but their energy, keeping mood light, inside jokes, and not taking things too seriously got them through the day without interruptions. Interested in booking your own styled photoshoot in NYC or bordering areas? Contact me here.