A Second Look

Ella 01.jpg

There are some pictures that make us stop and take a second look. We can relate to them in some intimate way.

And then create a story. And ask questions. And feel connected, unsettled, moved, reminded. These are the best pictures. Not in a sense of being the most beautiful, cute, warm, (insert whatever adjective u want). Just most memorable. Just like there are moments in our lives that we remember most clearly. These pictures are hard to get, because you need to be there, at that moment, when it may not even feel important and press the shutter. The picture may not have anything to do with an actual important event. But it may remind us of a quick, fleeting moment. Our everyday consistst of so many transitory episodes, there is no way to remember all of it.

One look and it brings us to a concrete time and place in our mind's eye.

It helps our mind to travel. It takes us to long forgotten places and days.

Nothing is ever lost to us as long as we remember it. (author unknown)