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Hi. I am Luba Grosman, a Russian-born portrait photographer based in New York City.  I work with men, women, children, creative souls and entrepreneurs who want to tell a visual story through an image.  

With a keen eye for composition and naturality, your photos won't be the traditional headshot you mostly see.  The reason why for the last three years, I've professionally worked with people like you, looking for an alternative to the standard technique. To make sure you look great and consistent with what you have in mind for the shoot, I virtually consult about the wardrobe, hair and make-up, and accessories before the session.  When the portraits are ready, we meet again to review the images and pick the best ones for you.  

It is my passion to allow your pictures to be the storyteller of who you are.  Your photos will show you full of emotions; laughing, smiling, serious, often in action in indoor and outdoor settings.  

If you are a creative person, an entrepreneur,  a parent, or a model, you're in the right place.  Let's connect if you want your photos to have an editorial feel, make a positive impression and be the start of a conversation.

Have a question?  Get in touch, and I'll be answering any of your questions.